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Supporting Others

How do you know if someone is struggling? What can you do to help? Explore this page to find practical ways to support other people who are experiencing mental health problems whilst looking after yourself.

If you think something might be wrong with a friend – ask them!

They might not want to talk about how they are feeling or pretend that nothing is wrong. This is ok. You asking and continuing to be there for them and doing the things you would normally do will show that you care & mean a lot.

If you are really worried about a friend it is important to talk to an adult you trust.

Watch this short video from Time to Change to see how you can start talking to a friend about their mental health and how they are feeling.

Top Tips For Supporting Others

Once you’ve read the Top Tips you might also find it useful to watch the below video on ‘5 Steps to help a mate’.

This video includes all the top tips opposite plus talks about what to do if someone is having suicidal thoughts.