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Self-care is about doing things which help maintain and improve your health & wellbeing. This includes both your physical and mental health, and includes a wide range of activities covering brushing your teeth, chatting to friends, making to-do lists, playing football, walking the dog and meditation. Self-care is different for different people so you need to find the things which work for you and help you feel your best self!

5 Ways To Wellbeing

Explore the below infographic to find out about the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ that can help you look after yourself and  improve your mental health & wellbeing. These tips are for everyone, not just those who are struggling with their mental health. By making these self-care tips part of your everyday life you will help yourself feel good, stay health & get the most out of life!

‘How to look after yourself’ infographic created by Amélie  – Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Youth Board Member.

Self-Care is personal and you need to find what helps YOU

Self-Care & Love Languages

Article written by Ria – Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Youth Board Member.

Self care is the ‘practice of consciously doing things that preserve or improve your mental or physical health’. 

Self care is hard to do, with so much information made easily available through the internet a lot of self care tips that others have found working for them seem like they must work for you but they simply don’t. 

It’s frustrating and just makes you feel worse, the added stress of your previous stresses not disappearing using help that seemingly helped others might even make it worse. 

But why doesn’t it work then?

There are a couple reasons:

  • Sometimes you simply haven’t done it long enough. A day of using these tactics won’t help, instead doing it repeatedly for a couple weeks will be necessary.
  • They are fake. Let’s face it, some blogs and other types of media that seem ‘personal’ and ‘real’ just aren’t. These promote their own products and merchandise or are paid to promote others. Real self-care doesn’t involve throwing money into what worked for other people, but finding rest in your own individual way.
  • But say your friends say it works for them, and professions claim it works too and it still doesn’t work for you. Then perhaps it doesn’t match the type of person you; every person has their own way of experiencing and expressing love, something that can be used to heal yourself.

Knowing how you express and experience love can help you find your own individual way to practise self-care & the best way of showing love and compassion to yourself!

Find out what your love language is below!

Places To Find Out More About Self-Care