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Student Governor Hub FAQ’s

Where can I find more information about what it actually means to be a student governor? 

You can find out more about the role and responsibilities from the perspective of student governors themselves here

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Is a student governor as important or the same role as other governors? 

Yesstudent governors are full board members and are as important as anyone else. Our Digital Guide explains in more detail.

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How will being a student governor help me in the future? 

Your role as a student governor can help you to lead change at your college and can also act as a springboard for future leadership roles or career opportunities. Many Former student governors are now involved in leadership roles at University or have pursued careers in politics, business or social change.

What training opportunities are there for me as a student governor? 

There are a number of training opportunities that you can take advantage of through Unloc but you should also look out for events and programmes run by the Association of Colleges and the ETF

I am concerned about going to my first governors meeting, where can I find some advice? 

The Unloc Student Governor Hub contains a range of resources to support you in your role. Take a look at this video – A Brief Guide to Governors Meetings

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I don’t understand all the terms and acronyms used at meetings, where can I find help?

Take a look at our handy guide to Jargon busting!

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