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Work Experience Tasks

Work Experience Tasks



Work Experience Tasks

Explore the tasks below to find out more about these different NHS careers & the skills and qualities you need to succeed in them.

Explore a career in Art Therapy further:

Careers in the NHS: Art Therapy

Try the following task to get a better understanding if a career in Art Therapy might be for you.

Task: Set a timer for 20 minutes, gather magazines and art materials to create a collage about “What is Art Therapy?”.

During that time try to be led freely by the materials rather than focusing on what your collage will look like at the end. There is no right or wrong way to make the college and it can be very experimental, subjective and personal to your own reflections.

Once the time is up – reflect on what you have created. What do you notice? Have you got further questions about art therapy that you want to explore? What most interests you about art therapy as a career?

Careers in the NHS: Sustainability

If you want to find out more about sustainability at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust you can visit this webpage:

Careers in the NHS: Psychology

Try the following task to get a better understanding of the skills needed to be a psychologist.

Task: Listening is one of the most important skills a clinical psychologist needs to be able to help their patients.

Watch this short video about active listening & then try some of the listening exercises:

Active Listening Video & Activites

Careers in the NHS: Legal Executive

Try the following task to get a better understanding of the kinds of tasks a Legal Executive does. 

Task: Create a ‘Head of Terms’ document. This is a document detailing all key points of a contract for easy reference. This is the kind of task you might be asked to do at an interview.

  1. Carefully read the following contract: Black Horse House Lease
  2. Now gather all the key information from the contract onto a document like this one: Example Heads of Terms Document
    You can create a copy of this document & then delete the information written in red & replace with the key information from the contract.
  3. Check your document against this completed Head of Terms Document for Black Horse House