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Careers in the NHS

Explore this webpage to find out more about different NHS careers. As well as finding general information about careers in the NHS you will also find information about specific routes and opportunities with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Think of a career in the NHS – what did you think of?

Careers in the NHS are so much more diverse than doctors and nurses, in fact there are over 350 different careers in the NHS. Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Unloc, want to help you connect the skills, qualities and interests you have with those needed for a career in the NHS.

Careers in the NHS: Art Therapy

Watch this recording to hear from Kat Leggett – Art Psychotherapist, in Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s West Hampshire Community Learning Disability Team share the route she took into becoming an art therapist.

Afterwards you can try out the work experience activity below – to explore further is art therapy is a career you’d like to pursue.

Routes into the NHS

Take the test to see how your skills & interests match with careers in the NHS

Not sure what careers is right for you, but want to explore what jobs there are in the NHS?

To find out more about all the careers possibilities and routes into the NHS you can visit the following sites.

Routes into Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust provides community health, specialist mental health and learning disability services for people across the South of England. If you live in Hampshire or the New Forest, Southern Health are one of your local NHS providers delivering care for our community. 

Find out role about different routes into a career working with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust below including: Apprenticeships, Work experience & Current Vacancies.

Work experience & Volunteering

When applying for jobs or university it is really important to have real-life experience that shows you are interested in the role you are applying for and show you will be able to do it. Building your experience and trying different things also helps you to figure out what you want to do, what you like and what you don’t like so you can find the perfect career for you. 

Volunteer with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

You need to be over 18 to volunteer with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, but you can support their charity Brighterway by fundraising for them whatever age you are!

Other volunteering opportunities: