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Join the Unloc Advisory Board!

Your chance to join our Unloc Advisory Board!

Here at Unloc, we are seeking dedicated individuals to join the Board to boost our ability to grow and succeed as an organisation seeking to develop young potential. The Advisory Board exists to provide strategic advice & a youth voice to the Unloc leadership team and to be a ‘critical friend’ providing scrutiny of decisions and proposals for the future. It is important for the Board to ask as many questions of the Unloc leadership team as they see necessary in order to bring to light any challenges, problems or scenarios not yet considered.

As a Board Member, you will take advantage of your vision, drive and experience as a young person who has been involved in one or more of our programmes and will feel confident in giving feedback on and challenging decisions where necessary. You will be able to highlight problems and scenarios as well as provide resolutions and ideas, to support the organisation in progressing towards its objectives.

Your contribution will not only help shape Unloc’s future, but will also be a great contribution to your CV and provide you with excellent experience in strategic thinking, critical questioning and working with senior leaders in organisations.