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I Am: Incubator Programme

i am: incubator programme

Aged between 14 – 17 and living in London or Portsmouth? We are launching an exciting opportunity which you don’t want to miss!

*Aged 14 by 31st August 2022

Through the I AM: programme young people from all walks of life, cultures and communities will have the experience to express who they are without judgement, with confidence, and with pride.

As human beings we focus so much on what separates us or makes us different to everyone else, losing sight that we should be celebrating those differences. We are all unique.

The programme is aimed at 14-17 year olds. No matter your background, skin colour, sexuality, religion, gender or identity, I AM: seeks to help young people express their true selves, be proud of their culture and who they are, and stand up and say ‘This is who I AM’.

Starting with an activity weekend at Lee Valley Water Park (for London cohort) and Andrew Simpson Water-sports (for Portsmouth cohort); you will meet like-minded individuals to begin exploring and designing a campaign to address a societal issue within your community. Celebrating all our differences, you can address anything from racial injustice, LGBTQIA+ rights to mental health & wellbeing. However you wish to enact change, this programme will give you the opportunity to do so!

so how does it work?

Running from July – December, the programme is delivered over 4 weekends, starting off with an exciting activity day to get to know your peers, have fun, explore what equity, diversity and inclusion means to you and build lasting friendships throughout the remainder of the programme and beyond!

Weekend 1 – Understanding Power  (July)

  • To start our programme we are holding an activity day at a watersports centre in both Portsmouth and London for each cohort
  • Get to know your team mates by taking part in activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, jacob’s ladder and water wipeout! Forget about the stress of school/college/uni, meet new friends and have a laugh!
  • Start to understand ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ and how the rest of the programme will look.

Weekend  2 – Influencing Power (September/October)

  • This weekend will be based in our Changemaker Studio spaces in both Portsmouth and London (Maida Vale) and this weekend you will start to plan your projects in your mini project team. Travel cost is sorted so you don’t need to worry!
  • We will start to understand how influential figures have shaped the EDI agenda and explore areas you wish to develop.

Phase 3 – Building Power (October/November)

  • This weekend will see your team build together a campaign you wished to work on to support your cause.
  • You will be planning and confirming logistics, partners and how your project is going to work.
  • There will be inspiring speakers from experts in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Phase 4 – Creating Change (November/ December)

  • This weekend will see you deliver your project and make a difference in your community!
  • There may also be the chance to discuss future opportunities and pursuing the EDI agenda further in your community.

What will i get out of it

  • A project branded hoodie
  • Skills for life such as Communication, Project Planning, Leadership, Team Work, Time management, campaign planning – all suitable skills for university applications or job applications
  • Project planning practice and experience
  • A certificate of achievement to add to your portfolio
  • All the food, travel and refreshments for each weekend included

What are the dates?

We have two cohorts running alongside each other in Portsmouth and London, please ensure you record the dates for the correct location! Location for the events will be held at Unloc’s Changemaker Studio spaces in both the Portsmouth Guildhall and City of Westminster College, Maida Vale.


Weekend 1: 9th July (Activity day at Andrew Simpson Watersports)

Weekend 2: 1st & 2nd October

Weekend 3: 5th & 6th November

Weekend 4: 26th & 27th November


Weekend 1: 10th July (Activity day at Lee Valley Watersports)

Weekend 2: 17th & 18th September

Weekend 3: 29th & 30th October

Weekend 4: 3rd & 4th December

So how do I sign up?

We only have limited places available and they are filling up fast, so click the link below to take you to our short and simple application form to secure your place. It’s time to break down barriers, crush stereotypes and be who we really are.

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