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Who’s to Say? Portsmouth is a brand-new project coming to Portsmouth, UK.

The project and culminating performance will be produced by
Jessi Wilson and Unloc.

Please scroll down for further information, including how you
can get involved!

Gunwarf Quays (c) Jessi Wilson, Aug 2021

Who’s to Say? looks to utilise the voices of Portsmouth; using your words, sharing your thoughts, and telling your stories on how the UK’s Island City is tackling climate change. This will culminate in the creation and building of an original script and verbatim theatre performance, co-produced with young people.

Who’s to Say? is taking a ‘super local’ approach of empowering and utilising the voices of a whole generation specific to the city of Portsmouth; whether that be local residents, those who work and/or study here, or even those who have previously spent time in the area, holidaying on our beaches, or simply passing through on their travels to France, Spain, or the Channel Islands via Portsmouth’s International Port.

Gunwarf Quays Marina (c) Jessi Wilson, Aug 2021

The project looks to gain your opinions, thoughts, wisdom and words on climate change, how it is affecting you personally, as well as how you think Portsmouth is tackling this current issue, considering that the location has unique climate change challenges, particularly in a UK context.

Southsea Coastal Defence (c) Jessi Wilson, Aug 2021

Who’s to Say? will then culminate in the creation of a verbatim theatre piece, utilising these collected words from across Portsmouth to produce an original script and build a performance in co-production with young people, who will go on to perform the piece and showcase how you and the people of Portsmouth feel impacted by climate change, how you are adapting and what your hopes for the future are, with a focus on ‘resilience’; using your words, sharing your thoughts, and telling your stories of climate change within the UK’s Island City.

Souhsea Beach (c) Jessi Wilson, Sept 2020

This project wouldn't be possible without the involvement of YOU! There are several ways to get involved:

As Someone Associated with Portsmouth

Those who live, work or study in the City, or have spent any time here previously (in whatever capacity), and have thoughts on climate change and how it is being tackled in the area; you can complete this Google Form where your answers will assist in the creation of the original Who’s to Say? script!

As a Young Person (25 and under) of Portsmouth or the local area

Those who are interested in Drama, Theatre and/or Performing Arts to co-produce the performance(s) of Who’s to Say? 
An intensive rehearsal period is planned for the October half-term break (25th – 29th October), before the performance(s) in November 2021.
If you are interested in performing and collaborating on this original, unique project, please email your interest to
whostosayportsmouth@gmail.com or message us on our social media channels (see below).

Other ways to support the process and development of this project and performance

Follow our social media channels (see below) and share our posts so the project can reach as many people as possible

Share the Google Form with others to complete and share their thoughts so the project has lots of material to work with, especially from those who have underrepresented voices

Reach out to Young People you know who may be interested in getting involved – this project wouldn’t be possible without the inclusion of a diverse range of those 25 and under who may be able to contribute to this project in a range of ways

Attend the performances – more information to come of where and when!

Follow our social media channels for updates, just click on the logos below:

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