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The Roles Within Student Voice

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Each role, no matter what its title, will have specific duties and responsibilities to ensure they are not only doing their role properly, but also to ensure that Student Voice is being used and utilised as much as possible! Some examples of things they may be asked to do is researching issues around the school and presenting their found evidence to School Managers, collecting information from students on their thoughts on a particular area or topic, or they may even be asked to play an active role in interviewing prospective staff, with them feeding back to the decision makings on whether to employ the person or not.

The students involved in these roles shouldn’t always be the brightest and best people, but those representing SEN too to gain inclusivity and all different perspectives – after all, someone who does academically well at school may have a very different experience from someone who needs additional assistance, or has English as a Foreign Language, for example.

‘Diversity’ Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

“It is almost always a positive thing to try and take up a position of leadership within your school or college, whether it is as a tutor representative or as a Students’ Union President. It will open doors and give you opportunities to make a difference and to develop some essential transferable skills like teamwork, communication, planning and resilience.”

If you would like to learn more about this, please see Unloc’s ‘Making a Difference in your School or College’ Unloc.Online course.