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The rise of China and the end of US supremacy?

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For over thirty years, China’s economy has been growing at a rapid pace, and so has its population. Today, it is a massive, wealthy and highly influential country that will overtake the US as the world’s largest economy in the next few years (and by some measures, it already is the world’s largest economy). Although, China’s GDP per capital (GDP per person), is still significantly less than the US’ GDP per capita (US= $65,298; China= $10,260).

The US remains the global military superpower; it spends more on its defence than the next seven countries combined, but China is spending increasing amounts on its defence too, and it is likely that it will surpass the US in defence spending in the foreseeable future. Checkout this article for more insight into global defence spending.

In this short video, Fareed Zakaria, a foreign policy expert and journalist, gives an overview of the relationship between the US and a rising China, and highlights some of the challenges China could face.