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‘The Nolan Principles’

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Now you are going to be introduced to ‘The Nolan Principles’, but before you do so…

These formal principles tend to be for formal roles of people who are in a particular position with a certain job title. Although you are being introduced to these principles as a student, you do not necessarily have to adhere to them yourself at this stage! It’s just a good basis for you to be introduced to what The Nolan Principles are and start thinking about the different principles within the publication.

VIDEO: ‘The Nolan Principles’

Even though The Nolan Principles were published over 20 years ago, they are still seen as relevant today and are widely used; at the time, they were seen as revolutionary thinking as they focused on behaviour and culture, rather than processes, which still suits today’s thinking, too – that if someone were to live by the principles’ values, it will improve their behaviour in their role.

‘Behaviour’ Photo by Headway on Unsplash

However, there are ‘formal roles’ within Student Voice (more on this later in the course), and for those who have gained such a role, or are looking to do so, The Nolan Principles will get you thinking about how to conduct yourself – it is not to discourage or overwhelm you, but to educate you if you may be thinking of going into a certain career in the future that may have to use these.