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Student Voice @ Unloc

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David Hart has been integral to the push and power of Student Voice – during his time working with Portsmouth City Council, he began the Council of Portsmouth Students (CoPS), a city wide forum for all secondary school students to contribute to school improvement; a forum Unloc is proud to be continuing today.

‘Student Forum’

CoPS is just one of Unloc’s Student Forums where young people across a particular area come together to collaboratively work to drive school improvement in their community and the local area. The forums celebrate and share good examples of where students have facilitated a positive change to their educational environment. They also act to help identify and create an action plan to generate more positive changes in your own school, college or institution. 

It may be that you have joined one of Unloc’s Student Forums already, and were asked to undertake this course ahead of our first summit. If not, it may be worth looking into what Student Forums may be available in your area for you to access and get involved in Student Voice!