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Unloc has been championing Student Voice since our first Student Forum in 2012 and those that are involved form part of that legacy. The actions the students collectively take as a body of young people shape and have an impact on their schools, colleges and institutions, not just for themselves but also those who will follow after them.

‘David Hart’ Source: David Hart

At Unloc we are fortunate to work with David Hart, who serves as our Student Voice Consultant. Here, David shares his thoughts and findings of Student Voice:

“I have been involved in encouraging the Student Voice for over thirty years. In that time, I have learned a few things from young people that might be useful for any young person or teacher wanting to find a way to make a positive difference in their school or community.

  1. It is not about Voice but Voices. Try not to make assumptions about what other people or groups of people think or feel. That includes teachers, parents and young people in other years or in other schools. 
  2. It is far more about listening than speaking. At its best, it is when the speaking leads to action and to students playing an active part in bringing about the change you want to see.
  3. Time spent building a listening and learning environment is time gained, not lost. Be prepared to spend some time agreeing how you are going to work together and try to stick by the agreements you have made.
  4. Speak for yourself; use ‘I’ and only use ‘we’ when you have clearly agreed on the problem to be solved and the course of action.
  5. Find out what the quiet people are thinking.
  6. It is very useful to have evidence to back up what you are saying.
  7. Getting involved in Student Voice and using the learning above will be useful as a way of building the qualities and skills to make you an effective learner, and an effective employee/employer. In other words, getting involved in Student Voice is great preparation for life.

 Oh….and wear sunscreen!”