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Examples of Student Voice Activity

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‘Recycling’ Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

School B were involved in Unloc’s CoPS (Council of Portsmouth Students) Programme and decided their Action Plan for the year would be to improve recycling at their school – the students felt there weren’t enough recycling facilities available on site, but if there were, students would be more inclined to sort their rubbish and help the environment. Students made a questionnaire that they asked Form tutors to gather the group’s thoughts – questions included, ‘How do you dispose of your rubbish at lunch time?’ and ‘Are you aware of what materials can be recycled?’. Gathered information showed students would like the option to recycle their rubbish, and were grateful that this group were doing something about it. The students had a meeting with the Headteacher, where they shared the questionnaire data, as well as their own personal thoughts and feelings on the subject, and the Head agreed that they could be doing more. A few months later, new bins were put into each classroom to recycle paper, and additional bins were put in common areas to recycle student’s rubbish. To support this, the students did a presentation for the whole school on the benefits of recycling, as well as what items could and couldn’t be recycled in the new bins.

Other examples of Student Voice projects include development of playground equipment, improving mental health support for students, undertaking activities to raise money for chosen charities, reducing homework for Years 7, 8 and 9, and educating the student body on minority groups and discrimination.

What examples of Student Voice are you aware of? Hopefully you know of some that have happened in your institution, but if not, ask someone! It’s important to remember those before you who may have implemented change, as well as yourself in the here and now who can make a difference, for yourself and the future.