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Examples of Student Voice Activity

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To utilise Student Voice effectively within institutions, projects are encouraged to make genuine change – we will look at Project Planning later on in the course. But for now, let’s look at some examples of Student Voice projects that have happened previously, and could inspire your future projects, too!

‘School Uniform’ Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

School A’s students felt their current school uniforms were old-fashioned and not practical for physical subjects that weren’t required to change for, such as Dance and Drama. It was considered by the School Management for the students to change into their PE kits for these lessons, but unlike PE lessons, additional time wasn’t added to give time for the changing of clothes, which impacted the amount of time actually in lesson. The School Council surveyed the student body to gain their thoughts on this, and it was decided that although a complete change of the school uniform would be costly, it would overall have a better outcome. The School Council proposed this radical change to the School Governors who, after consideration of all points, agreed to invest in this project. The students were consulted on designs, including some students wearing prototypes and testing them to the extreme to ensure they met the requirements. The new uniform was introduced at the start of the new school year, with the new Year 7 having to wear it, with students in upper years allowed to make the swap if they so wanted, but were allowed to wear the original uniform still, too. There would be a two year phase-out, so by the end of this period, all students will be now be wearing the new design. The School Council are now looking to redesign the PE kit!