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Lastly, we introduce you to another young activist who’s working a bit closer to home…

‘Amy Brazier’

Amy Brazier is a UK-based public speaker, using her voice to speak out about climate change and the actions that need to take place. Amy is currently studying her A Levels in English Language & Literature, Maths and Psychology at Portsmouth College, with the aspiration to be a teacher in the future. Amy found her Student Voice through her time at school and the encouragement from her teachers, including through opportunities to lead on projects.

Here is a clip of Amy speaking at National Climate Commission in 2019:

VIDEO: ‘Amy Brazier speaking at National Climate Commission’

‘It’s our future, and we have to save it before it’s too late.’

We were fortunate to reach out to Amy and ask her to record her hints and tips for those who want to get involved in Public Speaking and using their Student Voice…

VIDEO: ‘Amy Brazier’s Student Voice Hints and Tips’

As a potential student leader, you have the opportunity to speak up with your Student Voice and make change in your institution, just like Malala, Greta and Amy have been making change in their wider community. With change, sometimes you need to start small, and it could lead to bigger things that can make a real difference in the world.