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Here are some more hints and tips of things to include and consider in your Student Campaign:

  • Consider previous successful Student Campaigns, especially in your own institution or community – what made them successful?
  • Have clear aims, objectives and goals to work towards, to summarise what your campaign hopes to achieve or change – and to share with your audience too!
  • Write a great manifesto if campaigning for a role, or write a great statement if campaigning for a cause – a manifesto/statement is a great way to state what your campaign is about, expanding on the aims, objectives and goals written before in more detail; remember to use keywords to grab the audience’s attention!
  • Design and produce eye-catching imagery, including posters and flyers – consider the things from the previous quiz to help!
  • Build public awareness: talk to as many people as possible and ask your friends to spread the word – the power of ‘word-of-mouth’ still exists and shouldn’t be forgotten about!
  • Use social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are good tools to use to reach followers, who may be people you already know but others too that you can reach through the connectivity of the internet – be wary of internet trolls
  • Don’t break the rules: be aware of any possible restrictions that may be in place, including where you can put up posters – breaking any rules, even if done unintentionally, could get you disqualified from a vote

Lastly, something to remember during your campaigning, is to enjoy it! Yes, there will be hard work and challenges, but the process should also be fun and enjoyable, as well as a learning experience for all involved! If you are passionate about whatever you are campaigning for, along with serious and sure about making a change, then hopefully you will be successful in your Student Campaigning!

If you would like to learn more about this, please see Unloc’s ‘Leading In Your Community’ Unloc.Online course.