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Now it’s time to start thinking about building your own Student Campaign! You may have already been involved in one, especially if you hold a ‘formal’ Student Voice role, where you may have campaigned to gain the votes of your peers, but for those of you that haven’t been involved in something like this before, we hope that you’re excited about the prospect of planning a Student Campaign and using your Student Voice in this way!

‘Campaign’ Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

It’s important to understand what you are campaigning for in the place; usually, Student Campaigns can be broken down into two main categories: Campaigning for a Role, such as to be on the Student Council, to represent your tutor group, or to be a specific role on the Executive Team (such as President); or Campaigning for a Cause, such as to bring about change in your school/college/institution, or community. You may go on to campaign for a particular cause in the role you gain from campaigning, or campaigning for a cause may lead to further opportunities like campaigning for a role.

Regardless of what you are campaigning for, it’s good to establish early on who you are campaigning with; even if you are going for an ‘individual’ role, you are likely to be campaigning with others also going for the same/similar roles – if there isn’t direct competition, you may want to ‘team up’, support each other’s campaigns, and encourage your voters to vote for them too! Additionally, you’ll want a team of people to support you throughout the process – like-minded individuals who you can delegate tasks to, ask for help and assistance, and work together to achieve your goal!

Once you’ve been able to establish the what and who, you need to consider some key questions about your campaign to help flesh it out further:

  • What is your key aim?
  • What will be the three key actions that will make a difference to your aim?
  • How will you share your message with your school/college/institution’s community?
  • How will you communicate (as a team) effectively to ensure you meet your aim?
  • If working in a team, how will you ensure everyone is contributing?
  • What is your timeline?/When are your deadlines?
    Remember, it’s important to set a clear timeline and deadlines for yourself so you’ve an idea of what the time ahead looks like… you can always amend it later on if you won’t be able to meet your original deadline!
  • Who are your key enablers?
    Those who will not only help but will enable to campaign to go ahead – this would be the team around you, working together
  • Who are your key supporters?
    Those who are supporting you in your campaign – this may friends who hand out flyers on your behalf
  • Who are your decision makers?
    This may be yourself for your team and specific project, but there may be others to consider – if you are campaigning for a role, the decision makers will be those who vote for you; if you are campaigning for a cause, the decision makers by your school leadership team
  • Who are your distractors?
    Those who may distract you from your aims and goals, whether intentional or not

If you want to see these questions in a helpful template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18gJViiZmhR59vMGiJwSr1daJiiesnTvAFQaA5D4Tmbc/edit?usp=sharing 

Don’t worry if you’re not able to answer all these questions at the beginning of your Student Campaign process – some answers may not become apparent until further into your journey. Just ensure you keep coming back to these questions, and keeping the answers updated to help and support you!