Student Governor Portal: Resource Bank

The Resource Bank is under development and it is in constant update.





FE Jargon Busting Sheet

A helpful break down of jargon and acronyms used by governing bodies

Student Governors

What it means to be a Student Governor

A short video about what it means to be a Student Governor

Student Governors

The Nolan Principles

The Seven Principles of Public Life

Student Governors

FE Landscape Today

A video about today’s FE landscape

Student Governors

FE Landscape Tomorrow

A video about  tomorrow’s FE landscape

Student Governors

Colleges and Accountability

Two videos about Colleges’ Accountability

Student Governors

The Association of Colleges

The principles by which colleges are governed

Student Governors

Inspection and Regulation

How Colleges are inspected and regulated

Student Governors

A Brief Guide to Governors Meetings

A video about Governors Meetings

Student Governors

Getting your Voice Heard

How to be heard in meetings

Student Governors

Governor Self-Assessment Tool

A free tool, which will help you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as a Student Governor

Student Governors

Student and Clerk Working Together

A video which shows a governor working closely with their clerk

Student Governors

Training and Development

Unloc’s and ETF’s Governor Development Programme,  supporting student governors

Student Governors