Student Governor Portal: Resource Bank

The Resource Bank is under development and it is in constant update.





Being A Student Governor – Information Leaflet

An introductory guide to student governors; suitable for both newly elected student governors, clerks and the whole board. This document was produced by a collective of Student Governors.

Student Governors, Clerks, The Whole Board

FE Jargon Busting Sheet

A helpful break down of jargon and acronyms used by governing bodies

Student Governors

What it means to be a Student Governor

A short video about what it means to be a Student Governor

Student Governors

The Nolan Principles

A short video introducing the Seven Principles of Public Life

Student Governors

FE Landscape Today

A short video about today’s FE landscape

Student Governors

FE Landscape Tomorrow

A short video about the FE landscape of the future, including some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead

Student Governors

Colleges and Accountability

A short video about the different types of accountability that an FE college has

Student Governors

Training and Development

A summary of training and development opportunities for Student Governors

Student Governors

Inspection and Regulation

A short information sheet on how Colleges are inspected and regulated

Student Governors

A Brief Guide to Governors Meetings

A short video about Governors Meetings

Student Governors

Getting your Voice Heard

 A short video on how to be heard in meetings

Student Governors

Governor Self-Assessment Tool

A free online tool, produced by Advance HE, which will help you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as a Student Governor

Student Governors

Student and Clerk Working Together

A video which shows a governor working closely with their clerk

Student Governors