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Aged 18 – 29? Want develop your skills and knowledge for protecting marine environment.

The Sea Ranger Bootcamp is a unique opportunity for young people between 18 and 29 years old to challenge themselves and further their personal development.

Afterwards, you could be selected for a paid job as a Sea Ranger, where you will work to protect the sea and gain work experience on our sailing work ship. As a new Sea Ranger you will work for 6 months, from the Port Talbot area, monitoring and protecting the marine environment.

The program lasts 9 days and you will stay with us for the entire period. Sea Rangers provide clothing, food and accommodation, and there is space for a maximum of 30 participants. The program is led by former military personnel, in addition, a coach is involved to conduct personal conversations.

This is amazing opportunity to learn some amazing skills such as: Collaboration, Leadership skills, Recognising your own strengths, Pushing your limits, Perseverance, Effective communication
& How to find your role in a team.