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Net Zero Introduction

Welcome to the NetZero for Young People training course! Through this course, you and your students will be able to explore London’s 2030 NetZero goal and how you can play a part in supporting it. From basic principles to exploring careers in the green sector, this course will equip your pupils with the skills and knowledge to become NetZero literate and create real change in their school and communities. 

This online course can be used as a toolkit for teachers and facilitators, with specific lesson plans in the resources tab. Teachers can use this online course as a presentation during the sessions. 

On completion of all 3 modules, your pupils will need to fill out a form that will generate a certificate for them.

Course Overview

Unit 1 – Tell Me: What is Net Zero

  • Definition 
  • London specific challenges 
  • Government’s efforts

Unit 2 – Show Me: Opportunities to engage with Net Zero

  • What are green jobs? Understanding and exploring Careers in the Green Sector 
  • What are some challenges faced in this field?
  • How can I get involved? Creating a Career Roadmap

Unit 3 – Involve Me: Net Zero & Me

  • What is my carbon footprint? 
  • What changes can I make in my life today? 
  • How can I make my college more sustainable? Creating an Action Plan to make your college NetZero 
  • Letter to Self


  • Form for the certificate
  • Links to social media


  • Session Plans 
  • Glossary