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Festival of Student Governance - Watch it back!

Highlights Reel Video

Watch this short video summary of the event, that pulls together some of the ‘best bits’ of the Festival. A huge thanks to the 60 Student Governors that attended the event and for those that couldn’t make it, we hope these recordings mean that you don’t miss out on too much!

Introduction + 'Being A Student Governor' Panel

In this session, you are introduced to the Festival of Student Governance, the programme of training available this year, and you get to hear from a panel of people on ‘Being A Student Governor’. The panel explores the role, and the challenges/opportunities you may face.

The panel includes:

  • Steve Frampton MBE, Association of Colleges Board Member + Ex-Principal
  • Elly Tobin, Ex-Principal
  • Kurt Hall, Governance Advisor for the Association of Colleges
  • Ben Blank, Student Governor
  • Keeley Blanks, Student Governor

The Nolan Principles Workshop

Hayden Taylor introduces you to the Nolan Principles – a set of values that all governors should sign up to. In the workshop you’ll explore how they came about, what they mean and how they affect your role.

Getting Your Voice Heard Workshop

In this workshop Elly Tobin, ex-college Principal and Education Consultant, guides you through some tools and top tips to ensure you get your voice heard in meetings.

Get In Touch

If your college is not yet signed up to the National Student Governor Training Programme or you have a question or query about the Student Governor Hub, please get in touch by clicking here.