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Week Seven

Tutor led task: Pitching & Presentation Skills

Today is a 20 minute task led by your tutor and a Westminster City Council member. Follow each task carefully during the session. 

Task 1: Finish putting together the slide deck for your pitch. You can access week 6 on the website to revise the content. Is everything else finished for your pitch next week?

Task 2: Rehearse and practice your pitch! Use our pitching top tips to be the best when pitching to the panel at City Hall next week.

Task One

Location of the final pitch presentation will be at Westminster City Hall, Innovation Hub! 

You will be pitching your social business idea to a panel of judges from Westminster City Council and other groups in a bid to win the Enterprise Challenge. 

A reminder that your pitches should be 3-5 minutes long and include the following:

  • Visuals/slide deck explaining your business concept (please use and the login on week 4)
  • A clear social message
  • Marketing and branding visuals to support your image

Task Two

Check out the 4C's of pitching to support your delivery


Do you believe in what you’re saying? Are you talking with passion?


How clear is your message? Is it obvious what the problem and solution are?


How are you standing? Do you look and sound confident?


Have you timed your pitch? Are your sentences clear and concise?

Take some time to watch each other present and provide constructive feedback.

  • What have they done well?
  • Is there anything they could do even better?

Be supportive and even if you aren’t pitching in week 8, you have all played an invaluable role in the building of your social enterprise!