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Week Three

Business Model Canvas Masterclass with Unloc

Here you can find resources from our Business Model Canvas masterclass. You can download a copy and fill it out as the weeks progress!

Key Activities

Identify the tasks your business must do every day to be successful.

Value Proposition

These are the unique products and services you provide that adds value to the customer.

Customer Segment

This is where you identify all the different target customers you have.

Key Partners

Identify all those people and businesses that will help you run your business, including suppliers.

Customer Relationships

Here you identify the type of relationship you have with your customer.

Cost Structure

Map out all the costs we have and how much we will spend on each.

Key Resources

Document what assets your business must have to run effectively.


This is where you identify the touch points you have with the customer to provide your products and services.

Revenue Streams

Map out all the ways we will generate income and how much your product/services cost.