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Today is a 20 minute task led by your tutor and a Westminster City Council member. Follow each task carefully during the session.

Task 1: Agree on a project idea. As a group, reflect on the challenge set during week 1 and agree on a final project idea.

Task 2: Assign team roles. Using the definitions below, who will be taking on each role within the team?

Extension Task: Explore market research. In your own time, watch the video on market research and undertake your own for this project.

Task One

Question Prompts:

What do you want to say, that isn’t being said?

Is there a problem which your community is facing that you wished to solve?

Is there a cause which is important to you, that you are passionate about and want to support?

Task Two

Take a look at the team roles below. Which ones appeal to you? We recommend having one or two PM’s and an even spread of the roles.


You may split the roles as you wish. However, we suggest 4-5 in the pitching team!


Remember, all roles are crucial to the success of a business!

Project Manager

Good communicator and leader. Delegate tasks & motivate their team. Ensure each team is making progress.

Marketing Team

Imaginative people with great design skills or a passion for design. Collaborative worker who can tell a story!

Branding Team

Have a way for making things stand out. Give your product an identity. Understand the target market and be creative.

Finance Team

Confident with numbers. Ensure the business makes money, identify different funding streams, keep track of costs.

Pitching Team

Confident public speakers. Responsible for ensuring the message and work of your classmates gets across.

Assistant Project Managers

Support PM by taking on tasks. Collaborative workers, adaptive and receptive to feedback.

Business Model Team

Strategic thinkers. Ensure BMC is filled out effectively. Good communicators, sharing updates to the PM.

Team Roles

Which role will you choose?

Extension Task: Market Research

Watch the video below to help you understand what marker research is and how it can be conducted

Extension Activity:

  • Conduct a questionnaire with your target market.
  • Research competitors online.
  • Watch videos and research your market.