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St Augustine’s Enterprise Challenge

Westminster City Council and Unloc are excited to launch our Enterprise event with you all at St Augustine’s! Over the course of 8 weeks, you will be working in your tutor groups to come up with a business idea that can contribute positively towards society.

Through a series of hour long sessions and 20 minute tutorials, we will be guiding you through your business ideas from early ideation all the way to refining a perfect pitch which will be delivered in City Hall in week 8.

Navigate the website as we progress through each week. Each week has a designated page in which you can explore both during tutor time and after class. Content can be downloaded from the pages and reviewed to support your journey through each week to ensure you are ready for your pitch in the final week.

We are so excited to see your progress each week and watch your final investor pitches to the panel at City Hall. There can only be one winning tutor group! Each person within that group will receive a framed, industry recognised, Enterprise Challenge certificate.

Week by week breakdown

Week One

Introduction to Enterprise & Task Setting

Week Two

Project Plan & Team Roles

Week Three

Business Model Canvas Masterclass

Week Four

Branding, Marketing & Values

Week Five

Entrepreneur Panel Chat

Week Six

Finance & Pitching Preparation

Week Seven

Pitching & Presenting Skills

Week Eight

Pitching Day

Initial Self-Assessment Form

Take a moment to reflect and assess your skills at the start of the 8 week programme. This form should only take a few minutes to complete.

Enterprise Skills Self-Assessment Form!

Self Reflection Check-In

We’re aware that this might be the first time you have done something like this!

How are you feeling? What thoughts do you have? Is there anything you are hoping to achieve over the 8 weeks?