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What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of bringing to life a venture that addresses a market need, want or takes advantage of a new opportunity. The word ‘entrepreneur’ comes from the French word ‘entreprendre’ which means ‘to undertake’. Over the next two days, each of you will flex your entrepreneurial muscles as you design your own business concept in groups. You’re joining the over 400 million entrepreneurs in the world – each adding economic value to society in their own way…

Enterprise Human Bingo

The Enterprise Human Bingo exercise is about finding out more information about the people in the room – and starting to think about the groups you might like to work in for the next two days. Groups should be created based on complementary skills and similar areas of interest, rather than being with friends. This activity will support that process. Your aim is to complete your bingo sheet, and learn as much about the skills and interests of your peers in the process.

Gives, Gets and Groundrules

Using the Gives, Gets, Groundrules sheet and post-it notes, establish in your teams what you can individual ‘give’ to the process in the next two days, what you want to get out of it, and the groundrules for your team. Once completed, summarise your ‘Gives, Gets and Groundrules’ by clicking on the button below and filling out the form. Enter the email address of someone in your team, and the form will email you a copy of your summarised Gives, Gets and Groundrules, so you have it in a safe place. Keep this email, as you’ll need it as part of your graduation final submission at the end of Day 2.

Ideation Brainstorming

Ideation is the process of developing new ideas or concepts. To start this activity, you will need to draw the below venn diagram onto flip chart paper. In your teams, start by filling out the ‘passions and interest’ side – these are all the hobbies, passions and interests your group has. Once you’ve done that, move on to completing the ‘wants and needs of the market’ side – these are all the trends, gaps in the market or opportunities that your group think might exist.

Now comes the hard part – think about how you might combine your group’s passions and interests with the wants and needs of the market to create a business concept. Start putting your business concept ideas into the middle circle. As a team, you’ll need to agree which concept you want to work on for the next two days – this is the business idea you’ll be bringing to life.

Now you’ve agreed on a business concept that you’ll work together on for the next two days, using the form below to work together as a group to summarise your concept in one sentence. Make sure it clearly explains what your business idea will do.

Team Roles

Now you have your team – and your business idea – it’s time to agree on your team roles. One person needs to take on the role of Managing Director, the person that will lead and guide your team. The other roles your team might have is up to you and dependent on your business idea. You might have somebody that looks at marketing, finance, web design etc. Discuss as a group before confirming your roles using the button below.