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Involve me – In making a difference in NetZero

What can we do in our schools to make a difference?

Although we are faced with a challenge and some daunting information about our city, country and the world we live in. This is actually an exciting opportunity to make effective and life changing (literally!) differences!

Task 1: Understanding the size of my footprint

Ask pupils to complete the WWF Footprint Survey – as a class or individually. Consider how pupils can use the results of the survey – what changes can they make?

Optional – download the ‘My Footprint’ App and complete challenges to make a difference to your footprint.

Task 2: Create an action plan

Ask the pupils in their small groups, to create a 1 minute presentation to explain how they tackle 1 issue within their school. Using the resources page, and the following project analysis methods,  allow them 30 mins to research and develop their project idea.

Task 3: Time to present!

Ask each group to present their project idea to the group. Encourage them to talk through the project analysis method they used.