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Community Mapping

Watch the video below which introduces what Community Mapping is and how it can be used as a powerful tool for social change.


– To understand what Community Mapping is.
– How Community Mapping can be used as a powerful tool for social change.

Map Your Community

Using large paper, coloured pens, and any other resources of your choosing, draw a map of your community. How you perceive your community is entirely up to you including which community you map. You can click the button below to see some examples. You can work individually or in small groups.

Top Tips For Community Mapping:

– Use icons and a key to show common themes / ideas
– Highlight key people and infrastructure that make up your community
– Be creative! It’s your community as you see it
– Have a way of identifying the good things in your community and the things that need improving in your community

Analyse The Issues & Plan The Change You Want To See

Using your map, identify the biggest issues you think exist in your community and analyse what the causes of the issues are and how they might be solved. You can watch the video below to see a worked example.

Promote The Change You Want To See

Create a plan for who you need to promote your agenda to, this might be local decision makers or might be about raising awareness amongst lots of people. You can use the stakeholders tool below to identify everyone involved and the role they can play, this is further explained in the video below.

Takeaway Questions

Use the Teams Form for this tutorial session to answer the questions below:

– How can community mapping be used to make change?
– What are some of the issues that could be improved in your local community?
– Who could help with making the changes you want to see in your community?