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Being An Everyday Leader

Watch the video below for an introduction to Everyday Leadership and how it connects to your life.


– To define and gain insight into everyday leadership
– To develop your leadership skills

Good vs Bad Leader

In your groups, identify one well known person each. This person could be from any field: politics, sports, cinema, music, etc. 

Make sure that you don’t have the same name as another person in your group.  

Once that’s done, from the names that have come up in your group, who do you think is the best leader? Rank them in order of best to worst. As a group, you can decide what the criteria for this ranking should be. 

Based on your ranking, what do you think are the traits that a ‘good’ leader has? On the other hand, what do you think are the traits of a ‘bad’ leader? Where would you place someone like Adolf Hitler on this spectrum? Why do you think so?

Finish this activity by agreeing as a group the definition of leadership and share it with the wider group.


How can you be an everyday leader? Watch the video below to see what the term means to you, and how you can be an everyday leader.

Your Leadership Journey

We’re now going to shift our focus and reflect on our own leadership journeys. What kind of a leader do YOU want to be, and how will you get there? Watch the video below explaining the leadership tree exercise.

Draw a tree and reflect on the following: 

Roots – What are the past experiences that have got you to this point?
Trunk – What are some values and skills that you have, and what are some skills that you need to build?
Leaves – What would you like to achieve? What are your short-term and long-term goals?   

Takeaway Questions

– What does it mean to be an everyday leader?
– Who are the everyday leaders you most respect in your life
– What actions are you committing to that will make you the everyday leader you aspire to be?