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College & British Values Tutorial

What do we mean by College & British Values? What are they? Why do they matter?

These are the key questions that needs to be considered for this tutorial session. Work through the videos, images and articles on this page including completing the Teams form available in the usual way before your formal tutorial session. There are prompt questions to help guide your thinking. You may choose to have the form open whilst you do this in order to make notes of your thoughts as you progress.


“Values are basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions. They help us to determine what is important to us.” This is from the Ethics Sage article; ‘What are values?’.
Do you know what your values are?
Do you know what the college’s values are?
Do you know what British values are?

Mutual Respect & Tolerance

Tolerance and Respect are considered fundamental values for both the college and the country. The college’s Code of Conduct for Students goes into depth on what this means.

  • What do these terms mean to you? Are they different?
  • What examples can you think of which require you to show respect to others at college and the college environment?
  • Does bullying show respect and tolerance?

Democracy & Rule of Law

Democracy and the rule of law are a part of everyday life in the UK. They govern how we operate as a society and the framework we all rely on. Democracy is also present in the college eco-system. The linked article from Chatham House provides some insight into the importance of democracy.

  • How are these values demonstrated in college?
  • How can you better engage with these two ideals?


Individual Liberty

John Stuart Mill is well known for his writing in On Liberty. Watch the video from BBC Radio 4 to get a snapshot of Mill’s beliefs (the harm principle).

  • How does individual liberty affect your life?