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Climate Change

Is climate change the most important issue facing society today and who is responsible for finding and implementing the solution/s?

This is the key question that needs to be considered for this tutorial session. Work through the videos, images and articles on this page including completing the Teams form available in the usual way before your formal tutorial session. There are prompt questions to help guide your thinking. You may choose to have the form open whilst you do this in order to make notes of your thoughts as you progress.


Climate change is real and some believe it is the defining issue of this century. Watch this video starring Bill Nye, the Science Guy, from National Geographic as an introduction and overview of our topic.

  • Do you think the majority of people truly understand climate change?

The Global Context

In 2015, 197 countries signed up to the Paris Agreement. Watch this video from TED to understand the purpose of the Agreement and how we are faring at a global level at meeting the Agreement.

  • Do you think the UK is doing enough?
  • Is there enough public backing for actions which tackle climate change but would mean changing people’s lifestyles?

Cambridge Tackling Climate Change

Cambridge City Council is considered to be a leading local authority on what councils can do to tackle climate change. The Council declared a Climate Emergency in February 2019. They are currently on their third Climate Change Strategy which covers 2016-2021. Have a read of the Executive Summary of the strategy to get a better understanding of what is happening at a local level.

  • What do you think of the actions being taken?
  • Could more be done?

Actions By Individuals

Read this article from the Guardian published on the final day of 2020. Consider the following:

  • Do we all have to make changes?
  • Do these kinds of changes really make a difference?
  • What might you be willing to do differently?