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We’re looking for a passionate & creative young person aged 16-25 in the Portsmouth or London areas to become our first official social media influencer.

It’s a great opportunity for someone aspiring to break into influencing, build their CV and portfolio, as well as networking with professionals and people that could help their career develop.

To apply you’ll need:

* an eye for what makes a great shot.
* a good ear for music
* the confidence to talk to other young people.
* to be happy in front of the camera.
* great editing kills with TikTok
* the ability to travel across the area to attend events.
* the ability to commit to at least one post per week.

You’ll get exclusive access behind the scenes at our wide range of events, programmes and bootcamps, get to meet a lot of interesting people, mix with fellow young people, and meet colleagues from our partner organisations including Verizon, Burberry, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto and GRP Solutions. Your mission will be to highlight the exciting work going on, who we are, and what we do to empower young people to become changemakers.

Email [email protected] telling us a little bit about yourself and your interests, what your ambitions are, any relevant experience you have, and send three examples (or links to examples) of your TikTok videos or similar video work so we can get an idea for your style.

Closing date for applications is Monday 13th May