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For instance; developing your initial business idea; generating a memorable brand; keeping track of your finances; or support with developing your pitch to partners or investors.

See the entrepreneurship support programme journey below;


This is your chance to fill out an online form in as much detail as you can that will help us to find out more about your business and the support you feel you really need.

1-to-1 Call & Action Plan

A member of the Unloc team will then meet with you to review your background form and collaboratively work with you on completing a skills self-assessment. From this we will create an action plan that incorporates the support you need along with the time commitment that you can give.


During the time an Unloc team member supports you they will also identify organisations and partners that can help provide long term support for you if you would like it.


At the end of the mentoring process you will have the opportunity to review if the action plan that has been put in place has helped you improve your weaknesses and the objectives you set out to achieve.

If you would be interested in the Unloc entrepreneurship support programme fill out the form below and one of the Unloc team will be in touch!