Lewisham College

Community Cohesion @ Lewisham College

Video Introduction

Hayden Taylor has spent the past 5 years working on how schools and colleges can build inclusive environments for all. In this video introduction, Hayden will explore the key considerations for building a safe college environment and how we can all work together to prevent radicalisation from happening. Once you’ve watched the video, your tutor will guide you through one or two of the activities below.

Activity 1: Case Study - Nicola Benyahia

In this case study activity, you will watch a video interview with Nicola Benyahia, the mother of a UK-born IS fighter who was killed in Syria.

Whilst the video plays, note down on a post it note your reflections to the following 3 questions:

  • What did you notice about how Rasheed distanced himself from his normal life?
  • What did the extremist group do to convince Rasheed he should join their cause?
  • Has this video made you think differently about the risks of radicalisation and if so, how?

Activity 2 - Recap Quiz

Use the above quick fire 5-question quiz to recap all that you have explored, listened to and discussed so far. 

and remember, we all have more in common than which divides us.