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In this final short section we will cover some practises to get in the habit of doing when you have finished working towards a particular goal.

What lessons have you learnt?

Every single attempt to make change will teach you something. Even if you were trying to do something that you consider to be really small, there will be some hidden lessons in there that will help you when you set new goals further down the line.

Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you to reflect on the lessons you have learnt:

  1. What went better than you expected? Why?
  2. What went worse than you expected? Why?
  3. What was harder than you expected? Why?
  4. If you had the chance to start again with making this particular change, what would you do differently? Why?

Finite change or infinite change?

Was the change you made designed to last a long time (infinite change) or was it only temporary (finite change)? As you reflect on the work you have done, consider what needs to happen for the change you made to last beyond your time at school or college. You might find that you made a decision early on which meant the change you made was so dependent on you that it might collapse once you leave, and in that case there could be a lesson to learn. Something you might want to consider as you set more goals and make more change, is what Simon Sinek calls the infinite mindset. It might take a while to fully understand what Sinek is talking about, but start off by watching this short video, and then explore some further by watching Sinek talk about his book, The Infinite Game,  if it interests you.  

Next steps

What next? It can be really easy to completely detach yourself from the work you did as soon as it is done, and go back to being a normal student. But what can you do to keep making change? What can you do to use what you have already worked on as a stepping stone onto something else bigger and better? Definitely, have a well earned break, but at the same time, try to use any momentum you have gathered to jump onto some other opportunity. You will remember we looked at the leadership map- these maps get bigger and bigger and more and more exciting, the more you take the opportunities that will inevitably arise from your efforts to improve the world around you.

Here is one last fun video to watch before you finish this course!