Henley College

The Henley College Digital Enterprise Roadshow

Welcome to The Henley College Digital Roadshow! 

This Roadshow hopes to inspire and motivate you to look at enterprise as a real career path and the opportunities available to you at Henley College! 

Introduction to the Roadshow and your challenge!

Before you get started  watch this short video below to learn of your challenge and a bit more about The Henley College. 

So to recap......

Your local council has asked for your ideas on a new facility for young people to continue being active post-Lockdown.
In your teams, you need to:

– Create a visual plan of what your facility looks like. 
– Complete a Business Model Canvas to demonstrate how the business model for the facility works. 
– Design a marketing campaign including examples.
– Prepare a short presentation explaining your idea.

Your Resources:

Your Business Model Canvas