Group Admin Portal Help Page

Welcome to the Group Admin Portal Help Page for any support you may need with your Group account. If you have any isssues or questions that are not addressed via this webpage then please click on the live chat support or email:

Uploading Users To

Users can be registered for the purchased courses using the ‘Enroll New User’ option. 

You can add users in two ways:
– Individually uploading users
– Bulk upload users

The video to the right walks through each option. 

To download the Bulk Upload Template click below.

Removing & Re-inviting Users to

Group Admins have the option to ‘Remove’ and ‘Re-invite’ added users.

After selecting ‘Enrolled Users’ the options appear under the action column. 

Clicking ‘Remove’ un-enrolls that user and deletes their account. 

‘Re-invite’ allows you to resend the user’s log-in details if they have forgotten them.

Monitoring Group Progress

Group Admins can monitor and check user progression on any of the selected courses. 

After selecting the ‘Report’ option you are then able to filter by specific course and review individual users’ progression.