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Are you aged 18 – 25? Passionate about bringing communities together through the arts?

Board members at FESTIVAL.ORG known as Trustees, volunteer their time in support of the organisation. They steer the organisation and make sure they continue to achieve their goals; of bringing communities together through outdoor arts and sharing free art with audiences up and down the UK. 

The Board supports the creative and operational management of FESTIVAL.ORG and works by agreeing on strategy, setting policies and working with our senior management team to deliver events and projects. 

What does our Board do? 

As a member of the Board, you’re expected to: 

  • Make sure FESTIVAL.ORG operates within the legal and financial requirements of the Charity Commission 
  • Monitor and evaluate FESTIVAL.ORG’s progress against our aims and objectives by sharing your perspective at Board meetings 
  • Be a champion and promoter of FESTIVAL.ORG and its flagship projects, GDIF and Global Streets 
  • Help to set strategies for engaging new audiences 
  • Attend productions, events and fundraising events 
  • Play an active role in championing equality, diversity and inclusion and ensuring we are doing everything we can do in these important areas 


Responsibilities of the Board 

As a board member, you will: 

  • Serve an initial term of 2 years, attending 4 Board meetings a year – these are usually for 2 hours on a weekday evening (after 5 pm) 
  • Be expected to attend as much of our flagship GDIF (usually in August/September) as you are able, so you can experience our work first-hand and engage directly with the work we produce 
  • Be an ambassador for FESTIVAL.ORG projects and champion the work we do While much of our work is in London, we have an England-wide presence and therefore support applications from across England, though applicants must be willing and able to travel to London for Board meetings and FESTIVAL.ORG projects. 


What is the commitment required? 

As a board member, you will: 

  • Develop new skills 
  • Gain experience in working as part of a team, decision-making and problem-solving 
  • Gain impressive credentials and references to add to your CV 
  • Develop your networks, meeting new people with different areas of expertise 
  • Learn more about governance and how a charity operates
    • Receive invitations to all FESTIVAL.ORG events and press nights
  • Be able to utilise professional development opportunities – including mentorship from other

This is an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in!