What is Social Action?
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Hills Road Social Action Week 2023

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Social Action Week is your opportunity to get out into your local community to really make a change for the world around you! You will be working with a charity of your choice to proactively raise money as well as contribute directly to the cause through social action. Social Action Week is now in its 6th year, taking place from 5th – 9th June 2023.

In two teams within your tutor group, you have been set the challenge to raise £200 as a minimum for a chosen charity.

You will then have to create a project plan that highlights how you are going to reach your fundraising target. The project plan will outline your preparation, your execution and evaluation once you have reached the minimum target.

As you put together your project plan, don’t lose sight of the purpose behind Social Action Week. Take some time to get to know the charity of your choice and how your contribution will make a difference by helping the work that they do.

Watch this video to see highlights from previous years.