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Changemaker Insights

After the sad news that the British Youth Council has closed with immediate effect, including the sudden cancellation of upcoming YouthCon events, we know that…

Festival of Student Governance 2023

5.30pm, Monday 13th November 2023 – 4.00pm, Tuesday 14th November 2023: ICC Birmingham Reserve your place now for the dynamic Festival of Student Governance 2023, held…

Big Enterprise Competition: Westminster

Date / Time / Location 19th June 2024, 9.45am-2.45pm Location TBC Unloc, a social enterprise working with schools and colleges to inspire, motivate and develop…

Presentation Day

You will be sent information via Email/Teams to join a digital tutor session where you will be presenting your pitches. You will also need to…

During Social Action Week

Let the world know about your efforts by posting photos (at least a few times a day) of your activities and achievements and using the…

Social Action Week Day 1

You will be physically in college attending a tutor session to plan and prepare for the week ahead. This will be with your normal tutor,…

Preparing For Social Action Week

Ahead of Social Action Week itself, please complete the two tasks below so that you are as prepared as possible before 3rd June. By completing…

What is Social Action?

In two teams within your tutor group, you have been set the challenge to raise £200 as a minimum for a chosen charity. You will…