Digital Enterprise Days

Option 1: Live Digital Day

Guided Digital Session
Workshops delivered live digitally with Unloc Facilitators in shorter focused sessions on repeat. Students work on developing soft skills through set challenges and activities. Recommended for up to 30 learners per session.
Interactive Sessions
Interactive sessions online using all forms of digital meeting spaces. Examples include; use of breakout rooms, Q&A, polling, interactive whiteboards, group discussion and collaborative working.
Tailored To Your Needs!
Unique presentations created to suit your institutions needs. Tailored content chosen off our menu of options below. Break your sessions over a number of days to better include all students.

Option 2: Self-Guided Day

Self-Guided Digital Session
Workshops designed for students to guide them through the resources and activities with teacher support. A variety of interactive videos, activities and challenges for students to work on over the course of the day. Adaptable for all student numbers with support throughout the academic year.
Personalised Resources
A bespoke webpage to guide your learners through the session. A custom session plan created for teachers to use when supporting learners through the activities. Moderated responses by Unloc facilitators to help guide learners after completing the activities.

Day Themes

Alternative Pathways

Alternative Pathway workshops on:

All workshops will also be accompanied with workplace skills sessions on: 

Enterprise Challenge

Explore entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills with an enterprise themed challenge to test students. Students will work to create and pitch back a business concept within a set time. 

Students as part of the session will also create a business model canvas, marketing plan and branding for their idea. 



Soft Skills Development

Tailored workshops with a core focus on soft skills development. Skills that can be covered within the workshops are: